About Us

14 years of experience                 


Imex & Mine, S.A de C.V. is a company with over 14 years of accumulated experience covering different areas, mainly on the purchasing, international commerce, accounting, logistics and inventory management within the mining and construction industries.

Along this time, we realized about a common situation for different types of companies: inventory accumulation and unused or obsolete equipment.

This problem is derived from multiple situation such as expansions, fixed assets renewals, extra spare parts that are old or are not longer needed. The origin of this, could be from mistakes on the materials requirement plannification, by a duplicity in past orders, or simply because the demand of the product changed with the time and this pieces or machinery are out of use for a company.    

This inventory excess of materials and obsolete or unused equipment, turns into a problematic situation for companies due to the warehouse saturation: also the finance department or accounting department constantly need to justify their inventory provision account for obsolete concept to the auditors and the company board of direction.  

Looking at solution, we have created ReUse.


Our Mission

To provide a global marketplace specialized on materials and obsolete or unused equipment of our clients inventory.


Our Vision

To be an international online company that set a place where vendors can sell their unused inventory materials or equipment and the customers can be benefited from reusing them.

Our Philosophy

Promovemos el aprovechamiento, reforzando nuestro compromiso con nuestra comunidad y medio ambiente.