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Promovemos el aprovechamiento de materiales y equipo industrial, reforzando nuestro compromiso con la comunidad y medio ambiente.

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Encuentra los productos que necesitas al mejor precio. Elige tú mejor opción de pago. Si deseas un Link de mercado pago, contáctanos.

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Verifica si el equipo es exactamente lo que necesitas. Solicita una cita para asegurar que el equipo satisface los requerimientos de tu proyecto.

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About Us

ReUse is part of  Imex & Mine Company, is a marketplace with an integral proposal which main objective is to reduce the reserve provision for obsolete equipment and to decrease inventory accumulation for unused spare parts that another company can utilize and benefit from.
The ReUse community will find out economical benefits and also will be taking care of the environment.

¿Por qué comprar con nosotros?
We value your reliance on us 


-Supply department-

"In case of emergency, I can find the spare part I need in a shorter period of time within the ReUse Community."  


- Contractor- 

"When I need to buy equipment, I look at ReUse first because the vendors may have what I need immediately available."


-Project manager- 

"When I'm searching equipment at ReUse  for our expansion project, I have the opportunity to have a material revision of the product I want to buy."      

Frequent Questions

How can I join and advertise my products in this marketplace?

Please leave your contact information, or send an e-mail to and we will contact you.

What do we refer to reserve?

You can reserve a product for a limited period of time without paying for it. During this time we will schedule for you a visit with the provider so you can personally revise the product and confirm that all your requirements are satisfied before proceeding with the payment.

How to reserve and for how long?

Click this link, to find the steps to follow up to complete a product reservation. Once you confirm a reservation, your product is out of sale for other clients for a week; meanwhile we will program an appointment with the provider to allow you to conduct a material revision of the product. We will inform you about the location, date and time of the revision. Before your visit, we will send you an e-mail with all the security requirements that you will be required to have access to the plant. 

How to download a quote application?

- If you are already a member, you can log in and download your quote.

- If you are not a member of ReUse, you will receive the quote via e-mail.

How to send my payment receipt?

- If you have a user account on our website, you can send the payment receipt from the history section.

- If you did not open an account with us, send it to next email: